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H.U.L.P. Foundation

Stichting H.U.L.P. is a recognised learning company in Rotterdam, working for the social welfare of people in all age groups in Rotterdam, who have little or no chance on the labour market. We are an organisation, which in addition to our core processes, aims to provide young people with apprenticeships so that they can enter the job market well qualified.

Our foundation works client-centred with the aim of enabling clients to participate adequately within society. We want to respond to Rotterdam’s needs to solve unemployment among immigrants. Research has shown that deprived neighbourhoods are home to the highest number of benefit recipients and people living below the poverty line.

We believe in the capacity of each individual, which is why development of each person is our focus. We want to strengthen the positions of people in deprived neighbourhoods with problems in different areas of life by, among other things, increasing self-reliance, encouraging civic participation and preventing isolation.

H.U.L.P. Foundation

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Our mission is to guide people in self-growth, education, work, health and culture, including faith-based aspects.


Our vision is to develop individual capabilities, prevent isolation and address problems in a timely manner.


What does H.U.L.P. stand for?

Help from the heart

We work in a client-focused way with the aim of enabling our clients to participate adequately within society.

Unique attention

We believe in the capacity of each individual, which is why development of each person is our focus.


Our staff enjoy going to work on various projects and put their full passion and care into them.


Looking forward, we will try to improve every situation with a whole lot of positivity.

Services of our foundation

To achieve our objectives, H.U.L.P. Foundation is going to provide the services below:


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Social / legal consultations

We have been active in social/legal consultation since 2014. We currently have a client base of around 200 clients using our services. Our services are aimed at people from deprived neighbourhoods with problems in different areas of life.

In 2016, we officially started from the H.U.L.P. Foundation and the reason we want to apply for funding now is to continue supporting and guiding clients. We used to offer our services from our own financial strength, but the customer base is now too large for that. We also charge clients a fixed membership fee of €15 per month, but often they are unable to pay this as many of our clients struggle with financial difficulties.

Given the needs from our clients, we would like to give continuity to our services. The volunteers who work for the foundation are professionals in various fields, including social workers, legal assistants, dieticians, health educators, language trainers
parenting trainers, internship supervisors and budget counsellors.

We offer clients different types of help during consultation hours. The support we offer the client depends on the request for help.
Clients are helped with:
● Applying for benefits, health insurance
● Applications to different organisations/agencies
● Organising administration
● Referral
● Inform, advise

Ambulatory counselling / home visit

We accompany our clients on an outpatient basis to various agencies, such as: UWV, Municipality, hospitals, etc. We do this in addition to consultation hours. If we find that our clients have complex issues, we also make home visits to assess the whole situation. They are often elderly people who feel isolated, suffer from mental health problems or have dementia. Home visits allow us to help our clients faster and more efficiently, in cooperation with our chain partners such as home care, psychologists, psychiatrists and GPs.

Our clients benefit from our services because we provide tailor-made care and our volunteers come from different ethnic backgrounds, so our team speaks many languages. Where we cannot provide care/services ourselves, we engage our cooperation partners. We also often act as intermediaries when it comes to the language barrier.

Health information

Our intention is to explain the lack of information on certain topics. Sometimes there is not only a language barrier, but ignorance also plays a relevant role. For example: people who do not take their medication correctly due to lack of information, women experiencing domestic violence, obesity, children who cannot control bedwetting and so on.

Through education on certain diseases, advising, motivating and informing people about healthcare and the integration process, we want to make people more aware of certain topics and provide more information about them.

Parenting support

Within our client base, we have found that some parents struggle with parenting issues. They could use some support in parenting. Within our organisation, we want to provide parenting training, both individual and group. The trainers are parenting professionals.

Through the training sessions, we want to offer parents tools that can support them in communicating with their children which makes parenting easier. We would like to offer the training courses at:
– Self-organisations
– (Primary) Schools
– District buildings
– At parents’ homes
– At our own location

Budget management training

In the Netherlands, many people sometimes stumble over rules they do not know. As a result, many people often lose track of their income and expenses as well. For people who have just arrived in the Netherlands and do not master the language, it can all become a bit too much. Therefore, we would like to give a helping hand to people with limited knowledge and language usage.

We aim to do this through collaborations with various agencies, including EU debt relief. They are willing to send a specialist on budget training to our information sessions.

Dutch course (beginners)

We offer Dutch lessons to people who do not have a sufficient command of the Dutch language and want to develop further with speaking the language and for advancement of self-reliance. We aim to teach non-native speakers to read, write, speak and understand the Dutch language. We will start with level 1 and if people are interested we will continue with level 2.

Homework support

We want to guide children/young people, who are struggling with their homework. We want to give them a chance to do their homework quietly and provide extra support where necessary. We want to give children support in the area they need the most support, e.g. maths, Dutch, history, etc.

The aim of homework help within the H.U.L.P foundation involves enabling the student to get the best out of himself. For instance, we teach them how to plan their homework properly, offer extra explanations and create a quiet place to work with concentration.


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In mediation in home care or other agencies, we mediate between the client and the organisation when conflicts arise. We ensure that clear arrangements are made to get the help needed and that everything goes to plan for both parties.

Activating young people

We want to motivate and activate young people to have a daytime activity and that they participate within society. We want to engage with young people and work with them to see where their interests and talents lie. Where necessary, we want to offer them support so that they will actively participate within society.

Group briefings

We give both individual and group information sessions. The briefings can cover topics such as clients’ health, depending on their situation.

We provide pension education to elderly people who are short of information about their pensions and are about to retire. We also give these clients the opportunity to participate in daytime activities or volunteer work.

Digitalisation basics for the elderly

As many are expected to keep up with digitisation these days, we want to teach the elderly the basics of this. Think of looking something up on the internet, online banking etc. However, we do want to draw their attention to the importance of not just entering all your data on the internet and explain that they should be careful with passwords and usernames.

Sexual education

Through prevention education, we aim to provide young people with the right information and give them the opportunity to ask questions and discuss certain topics.

Young people who have experienced sexual harassment or sexual abuse can bring shame to many of them. This can cause guilt and make it impossible to discuss.

Bullying education

A lot is already being done with this subject from schools, but because bullying can have many unpleasant consequences for children/young people, we still want to pay extra attention to it through education. We want to focus on primary school from grade 5 to secondary school.

Activities for children

We give children the chance to develop his/her talents if they cannot afford it within the family. Children need opportunities to develop themselves in educational, sporting and cultural ways.

Organisations we work with: